Bickersplatts (out of school/holiday club)

Bickersplatts runs from 3.30pm to 6pm each day during term time and from 8am to 6pm during the school holidays for the children attending Bickertsaffe primary school. The children enjoy choosing from a wide selection of games and resources and engage in adult led activities which include art and crafts and cookery. They often spend time in the Oak room with the Fledglings reading stories or engaging in role play or art and craft activities, or they may just choose to spend time playing or completing homework.

We have found that both Fledglings and Bickersplatts sharing time together has been very beneficial, especially for those who do not have older or younger siblings.The Bickersplatts learn to be helpful, respectful and caring towards the Fledglings who in return look forward to spending time with the older children each day, therefore the transition for those children moving on into the school from Fledglings is a less daunting experience.

Booking forms to attend Bickersplatts are available at the Lodge, in the school entrance or click here for the term time booking form.